How do I prepare myself for my float?

We recommend that you eat about 30 minutes before the float session to ensure relaxation. Additionally, avoid shaving your legs or face the day before your float to prevent any stinging from salt solution. If you recently colored your hair, please wait at least a week before floating.

When should I arrive for my float?

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled float for Pre- and Post-float instructions. We may not be able to accommodate arrivals earlier than 5 minutes due to limited space.

What if I am claustrophobic?

The personal floatation cabins at Samana Float Center are spacious, measuring 8 ft long x 4.5 ft wide with a 7 ft ceiling. You have enough room to stretch out or stand up. If concerned, feel free to come for a tour of the space.

Should I bring my swimsuit?

You can float naked; a swimsuit is not necessary.

How is the water maintained?

The floatation cabins at Samana Float Center use salt, a natural anti-microbial. The cabins have a high concentration of salt and are equipped with a filtration system that meets FDA drinking water standards. The water is also treated with a small dose of Food-Grade hydrogen peroxide.

Can I float if I am pregnant?

Floating is beneficial for pregnant women as it relieves pressure on the skeletal system and muscles. However, consult your physician before floating, especially during the first trimester.

Do I need to book appointments ahead of time?

Samana Float Center recommends booking in advance, but walk-ins are welcome based on availability. You can easily schedule a float using our online booking tool.

Is there a shower I can use?

Each room at Samana Float Center has a private shower for you to use before and after your float.


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